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Eighth Graders Visit Waldo County Technical Center

On January 19, 2018 the 8th graders from MVMS
went to the Waldo County Technical Center to see
what options wait for them in the future. While there,
WCTC gave students sample activities of what they
could participate in during their high school years.
Having these opportunities helped students think
about their future.
When the students first entered the building they
were sorted into the groups they would be working
with for the upcoming activities. Some of the
activities consisted of sorting the color spectrum,
naming spices based on sight and smell, and
painting light switch covers, as well as many others.
The students were then graded on their
performance. After the activities were over, students
had to make posters asking and answering








According to their website, ”WCTC is committed to
providing quality technical education programs and
appropriate skills for employment and post-secondary
education for the people of Waldo County.”

After everything was done, the students’ points
for their activities were added up, and the
winning team got prizes presented to them in a
WCTC bag. Inside the bag were snacks, a
water bottle, and many other things. By the end
of the day the students left the WCTC building
with ideas for the future in their heads.